Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Account Setup for eBay API Email

ReplyManager integrates directly to eBay's API, which helps sellers to manage and organize their incoming eBay email. Buyers can respond back through eBay or from their email address and this message will be linked to the original in ReplyManager, forming a thread important for customer service. Setting up each eBay account is easy!

1. Maintenance>Folders; Setup new eBay Ask the Seller folder

2. Maintenance>Accounts; Select Add New Account, then choose eBay
  • Add Title - Store ID
  • Delete Messages From eBay - Mark this checkbox if you want messages to be deleted from the eBay mailbox.
  • Select eBay Site Country
  • Force Message into folder - select the new eBay folder (Rules will still be able to route eBay messages into more than one folder)
  • Save Changes
3. Click on the newly created eBay account listed under the Host column
  • Click on the “Get eBay Token” link
  • Click on the “Open eBay Authorization Window - this will open another window and prompt you to log into your eBay account. Once you have logged in please click on the "I agree" button, wait 30 seconds and then click on the Close Window button. Click “continue” and you should see the token with an expiration date. The system will begin reading eBay messages and on the initial reading will search back 30 hours for ALL Unreplied to messages.

You can see the complete setup guide at our Help Wiki on the application.