Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Centralize Multiple Business Email Addresses with ReplyManager

A frequently asked question for us is " I have more than 1 business email address - how can I keep the communication separate and respond to each?" OR "How do I keep eBay Messages separate from other email?"

Since ReplyManager reads directly from POP3 and IMAP accounts, it has the flexibility to read from multiple accounts, regardless of the domain name. Once the email has been read, it can be routed to a particular folder by Rules management. Users can then read and respond to the email with the correct "From" associated with the folder. Multiple "From" addresses can be assigned to a specific folder and selected as the reply is sent. In addition to multiple email domains, ReplyManager can also handle organizing alias email addresses by routing them to a custom folder. Users can also assign a different custom signature to folders within the program.

ReplyManager also has an integration with eBay to read the messages. The API allows seamless threading of email messages with ebay messages. In the account setup, there is a feature to direct the eBay messages into a specific folder for replying and saving.