Thursday, May 10, 2012

Using Auto Responders for eBay Email

Automatically replying by auto-responder, to an initial email from a customer, provides important communication to let the customer know you have received their email and when they may expect a response. This may also alleviate some of the repetitive emails sent by buyers.

Remember eBay does not allow HTML, so keep the response free of images and links, and keep the information concise.

We recommend you set up auto-responders under existing eBay routing rules (e.g. eBay Ask the Seller). To ad, go to Maintenance > Rules and set the priority at 3 (this allows your Weekend or After-Hours Auto-responders, that are set at 1, to overwrite them).

Remember to specify a "From" email address that is different from the Folder email address to avoid email loops. Responses are sent to the first email in the thread.

When NOT to use Auto-responders with eBay

eBay also sends other types of email through the eBay API - system messages and notifications - such as "Transaction has been cancelled." ReplyManager cannot send an auto-responder back to these messages and, if attempted, you may even see an error note alerting you to the fact that this message cannot be sent.

Auto-responder View in ReplyManager

Updated: March 25, 2015

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by Suzan Tucker
Customer Care Manager