Monday, December 10, 2012

ReplyManager Stats Show Space Usage

The Stats feature, found in the Maintenance area of ReplyManager, gives you an overview of how much space you are using within the system. This screen displays the maximum quota and how much space is used to date, as well as a count of how many messages are in your folders. It also separates out how many deleted messages are waiting to be purged, how much space the deleted email occupies and the average size of those emails. Reviewing this area is a great way to keep an eye on your message management system.

If the account reaches 90% of the allotted storage space, a system quota warning email is sent to Administrators and Super Administrators.

A quick glance at the Stats (Maintenance > Stats) can give managers the details they need to prevent exceeding the quota:
  • Messages in Folders - the space and count include all messages (including closed) 
  • Deleted Messages waiting to be purged - even though messages have been deleted from their folders, they still utilize space in ReplyManager until they have actually been “purged” from the system
To purge deleted emails, go to Maintenance > Recycle and select “Purge All.” Automated email purges can be activated by clicking on the Settings tab. Check the box to Automatically Purge [deleted] Emails and enter the number of days (e.g. purge every 15 days).

NOTE: Once the account exceeds the quota limit, reading will cease until space is available. A YELLOW warning note, "Problem reading one or more accounts," will pop up in the logo area on the application indicating the problem. Even though ReplyManager is not reading the accounts, the emails will not be lost, simply “waiting in queue" for space to become available.

For more on this topic, visit our Support FAQ page.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care