Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Preset Signatures in ReplyManager

ReplyManager users can setup signatures in multiple ways to be sure their complete contact information is included in every response.

Setup for User  
Go to Maintenance > Users, Select a User

You can configure a signature for each user. This will be automatically appended to the end of new messages and replies.

Setup for Specific Folders
Go to Options > Signatures, Add New Signature

Users can also create multiple signatures for different sections (if applicable) and folders. Signatures assigned to a specific location will overwrite any signatures assigned to users (as configured above).


If you have several users responding in your program, you can also include your company signature within any Standard Reply, allowing the user to add his or her own name before sending the message.

You can also include URL links inside the Standard Reply. This works very well in conjunction with DropBox when linking to important documents, photos, and other attachments. Refer to our previous post to see how it's done: Sharing Files Through Standard Replies

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care