Monday, August 12, 2013

Sharing Files Through Standard Replies

Standard replies are a great way to respond to frequently asked questions. Often times, this involves a file attachment of sorts which increases the size of your email and the amount of storage space used in ReplyManager. To keep the size of your emails small, we suggest using a program such as Dropbox to store your files (instead of attaching them) and create links to include in these replies. Here's how.

Once you have created a Dropbox account and uploaded the appropriate file, here's how to create a link:

1. Click on Share Link

2. Click on Get Link.  The link will then be copied to your clipboard.

3.  To include the link in a standard reply, go to Maintenance > Replies. Select a Standard Reply or create a new one. In the body, right click and select Paste to insert the link.

by Dale Gaines
Customer Care