Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interview with Small Biz Technology & Co-Founder of ReplyManager

During our trip to ICE Retailer in Atlanta, Jodi Gaines Pereira, co-founder of ReplyManager, had the opportunity to interview with Ramon Ray of She shared valuable advice for small business owners in terms of keeping customers at the heart of your business and maintaining a personal connection with your email customers.

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Ramon Ray:  "Who are you and who do you work for?"

Jodi Pereira: "My name is Jodi Pereira and I am the co-founder of ReplyManager and we help online sellers manage all of their emails in one place; not email marketing, but all your customer and buyer emails that you need to respond to."

Ramon Ray: "And I bet it goes beyond that – I am a journalist and I get a ton of emails and we’re always wondering who replied so I assume that it can work with anybody who gets lots of emails or specifically retailers"

Jodi Pereira: "Absolutely. This particular product is marketed to retailers because it is integrated with eBay, but it reads any type of email. If you are an online business or a journalist or anytime you are managing lots of incoming email this is a product you can use. 

It pulls everything into one location and it automatically organizes them based on specific keywords and rules. It allows you to set up auto-responders based on time of day or keywords. It gives you all kinds of tools to help you get through that email and do it efficiently and effectively."

Ramon Ray: "Awesome. Give me an example of some of the pain points of your ideal customer. Give me your ideal customer and talk about their pain point and why they came to you. I would assume, just thinking about this at the top of my head, which I shave once a week, that they start with just email like all of us do, forwarding, ccing, bcc. Give me that vision why do they go to ReplyManager. Tell me typically why do they go to ReplyManager, what is that pain that is causing them to say they need something else."

Jodi Pereira: "Too much email. Everybody has their inboxes full and more full all the time With business, you have to respond to those customers. You can’t just leave it there and online, people expect responses very quickly. They come to us because they are having trouble managing the high volumes of email they are getting and they need a way to automatically help them organize it. That’s a big part of what we do. We help them to organize that so they can go in and see these are all the shipping questions I have to answer or these are the product questions for the speakers I’m selling. It really helps them to organize it automatically and from that point, they can go in and answer them quickly."

Ramon Ray: "Awesome. And last, but not least, I always like to leave my viewers with some tips. Give us some advice. You are a co-founder, clearly you have business advice and years of experience. From your heart,  it can be about emails, about your product, about business, talk to small business owners and give us some advice about how to grow our businesses."

Jodi Pereira: "I think that as business owners we cannot reiterate enough how important customers are. The center of your universe should be your customers. From an email standpoint, I think that making sure that your communicating effectively, keeping a consistent message, making sure your employees know what message you want to present. Auto-responders are great, if you do it in the right way. Don’t use auto-responders as a replacement for your personal message. I think a lot of times people get caught up in wanting to setup auto responders…great, I don’t need to reply to that email. Not true. You can tell them that “I got your message” or “I won’t be here until this date but I’m going to get back to you” but you still need to have that connection with your email customers."

Ramon Ray: "Customers, customers, customers. And one more time, tell us who you are and who you work for."

Jodi Pereira:  "I am Jodi Pereira. I am co-founder of ReplyManager and we've been around since 2005."