Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UK Sellers Gearing Up for eBay's New Photo Restrictions

eBay UK will soon roll out new features to its site that will require sellers to clean up product images and comply with new photo restrictions. Learn what changes need to be made before they go into effect October 30th.

  • Upload at least 1 photo to all of your listings (with the exception of Vehicle Parts & Accessories and Tickets categories). Providing photos of your products is important when selling online. Simply providing an item description is not enough to convey the product's details and condition. Fortunately, eBay now allows sellers to upload up to 12 photos for each listing free of charge.
  • Do not use stock images for used item listings. Using stock images may mislead customers. Be sure to accurately describe the item's condition in order to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid any negative feedback.
  • Remove all borders, text or artwork from your listing photos. eBay states on its website that all text and borders should be removed from listings to create a "cleaner experience for your buyers."
  • Make sure the longest side of all of your pictures is at least 500 pixels. Providing high-resolution images captures the essence of your products and makes them more appealing to customers, increasing the likelihood of someone purchasing from you.

Tips for Sellers:

When shopping online, consumers lose the ability to interact with products as they would in a brick-and-mortar store. Being able to convey a product's quality via images alone can have drastic effects on your conversion rates and overall customer experience.

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Click Here for more information on eBay's new photo restrictions.

by Samantha Warner
Marketing Extraordinaire