Monday, October 21, 2013

Revant Optics: A Multi-Channel Seller

This month, we're happy to introduce Revant Optics, a multi-channel seller with 15 users managing nearly 10,000 emails per month on average. Learn how the team uses ReplyManager to address emails from eBay, Amazon and their own website. Also, take a look at what advice they have for online sellers this holiday season.

"Respond to Emails from a Central Location" 

According to Revant Optics, some of the benefits that ReplyManager offers the team include the ability to route several support email addresses into one centralized location and the support of emails from multiple channels and sites (in addition to eBay/Amazon).

They also stated, "the flexibility to answer messages from both companies while maintaining separate and automatic signatures means no more accidentally signing an email with the wrong company!"

Revant Optics is an online retailer of high quality, aftermarket replacement lenses. They offer a wide variety of lens styles and color variations to bring life to your favorite lenses. They provide customization that is relevant to your desired activity, weather conditions, style choices and more.

When asked if Revant Optics has any advice for online sellers this holiday season, they responded with:

"Respect your customers and listen to their individual concerns. Respond quickly, accurately, and completely. Answering customer inquiries in one simple, yet thorough exchange makes everyone happier." 

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