Tuesday, March 24, 2015

eBay Messaging API Email Different than POP3

Using the eBay interface to read customer messages by communicating directly with the eBay database is very different from reading regular email from your POP3 or IMAP accounts. ReplyManager's eBay Integration interfaces with eBay to allow sellers to respond directly to buyers, which includes those buyers that choose to remain anonymous.
Here are some of the specifics associated with eBay messages read through the API:

  • ReplyManager reads all Unreplied To email in the eBay mailbox.
  • When eBay messages are replied to from ReplyManager, a purple arrow will appear next to the email in the eBay message center.
  • Notifications from eBay will also be sent to sellers, through the API. ReplyManager separates these for you.
  • eBay reads only the text portion of the email. ReplyManager reformats the email if HTML is used in a reply.
  • eBay allows only the first 4000 characters for most messages (some are limited to 2000). ReplyManager has a counter that turns RED when a user types more than the number of allowed characters in the response.
  • If a Reply is unable to be sent to eBay from ReplyManager, an error message will display in the system notes, AND the email thread will change to a status of UNREAD.
  • Administrators can see confirmation that the email has been sent back to eBay.

Advantages of using ReplyManger to read eBay email:

  • Emails from the eBay message center are significantly smaller in size, including only pertinent information, (not all the unnecessary graphics) which is very helpful in managing storage space in ReplyManager.
  • Buyers can respond back through eBay or from their email address and this message will be linked to the original in ReplyManager, forming a thread important for customer service.
  • eBay account holders no longer need to share their account access. Each user has their own username and password in ReplyManager and never actually see the eBay login.
  • The ability to use all of ReplyManager's features (standard replies, auto-responders, categories tags, etc.) for quickly and efficiently replying to customer requests.
  • The ability to consolidate messaging from all marketplaces in one interface.