Thursday, March 26, 2015

Common Sense Solutions to Improve Customer Service

The Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research Study, a 10 year study tracking consumer activity worldwide, found that in the US, 53% of consumers switched providers because of bad service in at least one industry. They also found that 80% of the service changes that occurred could have been avoided with better customer service.

For online sellers, it's no surprise that customer service is a big part of customer retention, but what specifically do you need to do to make sure that happens?

A recent article on the eBay for Business blog,A Basic Recipe for Making Happier Customerspoints out three common sense customer service practices that are the foundation of any good customer service program:

  1. Be prompt when responding to customer messages. Ensure that product inquiries are answered within the hour, and that orders are filled promptly.

  1. Address problems before they happen. Make certain that product listings are accurate and as detailed as possible, using both text and images. Be sure products are shipped in the condition promised to the customer, and take care to package products to avoid damage in transit.

  1. Fix customer issues quickly. Find a mutually satisfactory solution. The numbers show that with better service to fix their issues, the percentage of customers that switch providers drops from 53% to 10.6%. That’s huge!     

Above all, an unhappy customer wants to feel that they have been heard when they bring their problems to the seller. Remain calm, show empathy, and be polite. An unhappy customer is a great opportunity to show them that you value their business and will work to keep them happy.

Click here to read the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research Study.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator