Thursday, May 21, 2015

Setting a Memorial Day Weekend Auto-Responder

If you live in the U.S., you are most likely gearing up to spend some much needed time off in observance of the Memorial Day Weekend. Here's how to set up a ReplyManager Smart Auto-Responder to communicate with customers while you're away.
General Guidelines:
  • The auto-response is only sent to new emails, not on follow-ups.
  • To ensure your auto-response does not interfere with other rules, be sure that your auto-responder is set to rank higher than other rules - preferably at 1. This ensures that the correct auto-responder is sent.
  • Dates are read as yyyy-mm-dd
  • Time is read as hh:mm:ss AM or PM
To configure your auto-responders go to Maintenance > Rules and click on Add New Rule. Follow the example on the screenshots below. Be sure to apply each rule to the corresponding account and/or marketplace). The eBay auto-responder is a bit different from Amazon and Website/email accounts, so be sure the check them out.

Auto-Responder Rule for eBay

Auto-Responder Rule for Amazon

Auto-Responder Rule for Website

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