Monday, June 15, 2015

XSellco & ReplyManager - Partnering to Help eTailers Succeed

We have come into an exciting time here at ReplyManager! In late April, XSellco, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for ecommerce, completed the acquisition of our company paving the way for us both to share resources as well as best practices for a better ecommerce selling experience.

XSellco is in the business of helping online sellers understand and improve profitability and they’ve certainly achieved this with their instant repricing tool, Price Manager. It allows Amazon sellers to algorithmically reprice thousands of products while monitoring and controlling profit margins and has proven to be quite successful in helping online sellers make the most out of each sale and helping them to win the Buy Box.

Recently, I spoke with CEO Victor Corcoran about this exciting new partnership between our companies, how his extensive telecom background will help XSellco grow and what he envisions for the future.

Mr. Corcoran, what is it like to join XSellco as its CEO, and how does your background in international telecom gives you an edge in the Online Selling industry.

Hi Barbara, thanks for the opportunity to talk to you and to your blog readers.  It is great to be on board leading the enlarged XSellco ReplyManager team. I have been blown away by the energy and enthusiasm I found in them, the awesome technology. Taking care of customers is integral in everything they do. 

The key metrics and drivers of telecommunications are very similar to software sales. Both industries invest in building and maintaining solid technology. We aggressively advertise and sell to grow our customer base, we strive to deliver strong customer service and constantly improve the technology to maximise the customer life span. But XSellco is at a really early stage of its growth and, is therefore, much more fun.

It is a particularly great time to be joining the team, as we are seeing a lot of traction in the marketplace with our products and have an exciting development road map in front of us.

How does XSellco’s Price Manager help eTailers stay competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace?

Price Manager is an Amazon repricing tool that offers eTailers real-time instant repricing and the choice between the simplicity of algorithmic and the control of rules based repricing. This tool helps sellers maximize sales as the best price through growing share of the Buy Box. 

How is Price Manager different from other repricers?

Our Ultimate package includes the ability to reprice based on your net margin (profitability) and our cloud solution is hosted in Amazon’s data centres, allowing us to reprice quicker than our competitors. Your products will price up and down ensuring you get the highest possible price while winning the Buy Box and you’ll get great real-time analytics of competitors to predict your probability of winning the Buy Box. Plus, alerts warn you when you need to change strategy and XSellco’s dashboard gives you data and insights that show how your business is performing.

How do you feel ReplyManager will fit into the XSellco family and vision?

I am delighted to have the ReplyManager product, customer base and team onboard. They saw the need for a powerful, effective, easy to use message management tool that simplifies inbound customer communications across multiple marketplaces.  The ReplyManager team has build a product and brand that has stood the test of time and  have managed to deliver strong customers year after year. I look forward to working with them and learning about how to win the trust and loyalty of eTailers.

And what about the ReplyManager software, how do you see that fitting into the set of tools XSellco offers ecommerce sellers?

“If it is not broken, don't fix it” is definitely true in this case. For the moment we plan to let the ReplyManager Team continue as before. We have had some initial discussions about refreshing the user interface and developing a roadmap for additional features but the short term plan is to leverage our combined presence in Europe and the US to deliver improved customer support and efficiencies and improvements in our marketing and sales reach. We plan to keep ReplyManager as a separate product and brand and let customers decide which product they prefer between ReplyManager and our Fusion CRM. And best of all, I now have an excuse to visit south Florida for critical meetings from time to time to escape Dublin weather. 

Victor Corcoran joined XSellco in June. Previously he had been operating as a Chief Executive Officer with Digicel an International Telecommunications Service Provider for a variety of Caribbean Islands and Business Units during his 9 year tenure. He is based in Dublin, Ireland and is married with 2 teenage daughters.  

Price Manager is offering ReplyManager readers a very special deal. If you’re selling on Amazon, we highly recommend giving Price Manager a try. Like us, there’s no risk, no credit card. Just give the a few days and watch your profitability grow!

Visit XSellco Price Manager to learn more.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator