Friday, August 14, 2009

ReplyManager with eBay Integration Now Available

We are excited to announce that eBay integration for Ask the Seller is now available to existing customers. This new module interfaces with eBay to allow sellers to respond directly to buyers, which includes those buyers that choose to remain anonymous. Using the eBay trading API, sellers can receive and respond to messages buyers have posted about active item listings through the eBay message center. The API allows seamless threading of email messages with ebay messages. Heres how to set it up:

Easy Setup within ReplyManager:

1. First, go to Maintenance>Folders to add a new folder for the eBay account “eBay - Ask the Seller" Folder (to separate the email coming from your eBay email account)
2. Then, Maintenance>Accounts> Add new eBay account
3. Enter a description (Company Name eBay account)
4. Select "Force" into the new eBay folder, Click Update
5. Click “Get eBay Token” (code for account) This will open a new browser window, please follow the directions in the window.
6. Click “Open eBay Authorization Window”. Sign in to link your to eBay account. This step captures a piece of code to connect to the mailbox. Wait 30 seconds before clicking Update, you will then be switched back to the ReplyManager screen, click Continue to complete the process.  The system will read all Unreplied to emails, including 30 hours prior, from the eBay mailbox and will begin to populate within a few minutes.

This eBay mailbox contains your “Ask the Seller” emails. eBay will also send notifications to your POP or IMAP account notifying you of system messages as well as the “Ask the Seller” emails. If RM is reading your POP or IMAP account, your “Ask the Seller” notifications will be read there as well and will be a duplicate email.

In that case, if you are an existing customer, please see the Help area on the application for the eBay - Duplicate Rule setup and conditions.

If you are a new customer, please activate the Rule already set up in your template, and apply it to the POP or IMAP account ONLY. You can then choose to Delete the duplicate emails OR move them to a designated folder (we recommend “eBay Duplicate email” folder). You can then browse and delete in that folder as you choose.

Please see our ReplyManager website for any other updates. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help implementing the new feature.