Monday, February 17, 2014

Merging Messages to Stay Organized

Nobody likes a cluttered inbox, and staying organized is the simplest way to stay on top of customer emails. One feature in ReplyManager allows users to manually select messages (related to the same order, customer, sale, etc.) and merge them into the same conversation. This is especially helpful when a customer sends a message outside of the original email thread (ex: customer doesn't reply directly to your message).

How it Works: 

Users can select up to four messages at one time to be merged. After the merge, the system will automatically route customer replies into the new conversation. 

Once inside of a Folder, mark the checkbox next to the messages you wish to merge. Note: To select messages from a different folder, click on the Merge button before you switch folders. This will store your selection in the system until they are either merged or deleted from the queue. 

Once you have selected the messages to merge, click on the Merge button at the bottom of the page. A popup box will appear to confirm the merge. 

  • Click Proceed with Merge to merge the selected messages. 
  • To view a selected email, click on the Email ID link. 
  • To Remove an email from the merge, click on Remove or Remove All
  • To cancel, click Cancel. This does NOT remove your messages from the queue (it only closes the window). The system will save the selected emails in queue until they are merged or removed.