Monday, April 28, 2014

Emerging Trends in Ecommerce Marketing

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing, creating new opportunities for companies and marketers to better connect with consumers. In order to maintain a strong online presence and increase conversions, companies need to grow and adapt to these changing trends.

Take a look at a few online marketing and web design strategies, as laid out by Forbes:

Improve Click-Through Rates 
Websites like allow marketers to improve the click-through rate of listings by using a set of code that helps search engines better understand and display the content of each webpage. This is especially helpful for displaying ratings, offers, prices, etc.

Google Authorship 
Google Authorship allows ecommerce companies and authors to link blog content to specific Google profiles. This helps to establish a brand or company as an expert in a certain field, establishing not only credibility, but also recognition. Google Authorship also helps to improve click-through rates and search engine ranking.

Responsive Design 
Responsive design is an emerging web design trend that enables a website for optimal viewing across various platforms (mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers). This is a good way for ecommerce companies to increase conversions among the growing number of mobile phone and tablet users.

Content Marketing 
Content marketing allows companies to connect with consumers by creating and sharing interesting information relative to an industry. Doing so helps create brand awareness, lead generation and customer loyalty. Publishing content regularly to a blog also serves as a valuable tool for search engine optimization.

Site Performance 
Load times have become an important element of success for ecommerce websites. According to the article, for every 100ms of load time, there was a 1% decrease in Amazon sales. Load times not only help convert customers quickly, but slower load times have actually been shown to negatively impact search engine rankings.

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by Samantha Warner
Marketing Extraordinaire