Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Improve Online Communication with Standard Replies

Internet retailers are constantly looking for ways to communicate more efficiently online. Many struggle with sending timely, consistent and accurate responses to customer inquiries. By creating standard replies (canned responses), retailers have the ability to improve online communication, drastically reducing the amount of time spent responding to messages.

There are a number of advantages to using standard replies:
  • Avoid typing duplicate responses to frequently asked questions
  • Streamline responses by sending messages in bulk 
  • Address "no reply" Amazon emails
  • Maintain consistency in messaging

Take a look at how to use standard replies in ReplyManager:

Creating a Standard Reply
(Standard replies are managed by Administrators)

Go to Maintenance > Replies, Add New Reply

Create a title for your reply that is easily identifiable for your staff. Keep in mind that when composing a new email, the title of your reply will appear as the subject of your message.

If you wish to enable HTML formatting, check the box below. If HTML is not enabled, the text in your reply is exactly how it will appear to the recipient.

Assign where the reply should be used (replies, notes, forwards or new emails) and select the associated folders the replies should appear in. You can select more than one by holding the Control or Command key. This reply will only appear in the drop-down menu for the folders you select here.

Sending a Standard Reply

When composing a new message or replying to an existing thread, select a standard reply from the drop-down menu to automatically populate the body with a pre-formatted message. To select more than one (without replacing one with the other), choose "Insert at Top of Message" in the drop down menu next to the reply.

The drop-down menu to the right of your reply enables users to:

  • Replace Message: Replace the existing message content with the standard reply
  • Insert at Top of Message: Insert the standard reply at the top of the message
  • Insert at Cursor: Insert the standard reply at the cursor 
  • Insert at Bottom of Message: Insert the content at the bottom of the message  
Once a selection is made, it will become the default setting for the user.  Note: These placement options only apply to standard replies and will not affect the placement of manual replies.