Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quality of Video Content vs. Production

In 2007, John Lawson, author of Kick Ass Social Commerce, posted his well-known instructional video, "How to Fold a Bandana" on YouTube. Nearly seven years and 290K views later, the video continues to bring traffic and sales to 3rd Power Outlet. At the IRCE conference this week, John used this video to prove that quality video content trumps quality video production. Here's why.

The video was originally created in response to commonly asked questions from customers of 3rd Power Outlet. Although it was shot and produced by John Lawson himself - in his home - barefoot (as shared by Internet Retailer), the content of the video proved far more valuable to customers than the quality of production.

He believes that "professionally produced videos may look good, but they are of little use to customers if they don't serve customers' needs."

Given this insight, here are a few statistics to prove that quality video content is beneficial to e-commerce companies (as laid out by Miva Merchant):

  • 96% find video content helpful when making decisions online
  • 93% have used video content while comparison shopping
  • 93% use post-purchase video for instructions and guidelines
  • 77% feel that video helps companies engage more with customers
  • 57% of consumers agree that video is most preferred among the electronics industry
  • 89% would share a video if it provided educational value
  • 94% of consumers watch a video at least once per week from desktop (and 76% from a mobile device). 

by Samantha Warner
Marketing Extraordinaire