Monday, August 18, 2014

FAQs: Using the Resolution Center in ReplyManager

We've received some great feedback and suggestions regarding our recent integration with eBay's Resolution Center. Here's a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use and setup of this feature.

How do I enable eBay Resolution Center in my Account?
For many customers, once you have an eBay account configured in ReplyManager, the Resolution Center tab will automatically appear. If you do not see this tab, go to Setup > Sections. Under section options, mark the checkbox next to Resolution Center to enable the feature.

Do Cases in the Resolution Center Count Against My Storage Space?
No. ReplyManager does not store case information in the same way it does messaging. Instead, ReplyManager interacts with eBay using a live feed to the Resolution Center and displays the cases for your review and response in real-time.

Can I see the Tracking Number from an order as I currently see it in the Resolution Center?
This feature is not currently available, but it is being considered for a future release.

Can I send photo attachments in ReplyManager through eBay’s Resolution Center API?
This feature has not been made available through eBay’s Resolution Center API. A request has been submitted to eBay for future consideration.

If I respond to a case directly from my eBay account, will the case status update in ReplyManager?
Yes. All replies sent through eBay or ReplyManager will be updated automatically in each interface.

How do I setup or edit my Standard Replies so they are included in the Resolution Center? 
To configure standard replies for use in the Resolution Center, go to Maintenance > Replies. Be sure to assign the reply to the Resolution Center under Used In. Once enabled, the reply will appear in the drop-down menu located in the reply box.

NOTE: HTML and JavaScript are prohibited within eBay messaging. 

How do I setup or edit Categories for use in the Resolution Center?
Users can add categories to further organize cases in the Resolution Center. Simply create a category under Maintenance > Categories and assign each case with the appropriate tag (e.g. shipping, product name, staff member, etc.).

I can see the Resolution Center, but two of my users cannot? 
By default, only Administrators and Super Administrators have access to the Resolution Center. To grant access to specific users, go to Maintenance > Users. Click on the user’s name and check the box next to Resolution Center. Be sure to press Save Changes.

Why don’t we see our email signatures when we reply from the Resolution Center? 
Signatures are not currently supported within the Resolution Center.

Can I close a case from ReplyManager’s Resolution Center? 
The workflow of cases in ReplyManager’s Resolution Center and eBay’s Resolution Center are the same. If the option to close a case is available within the eBay interface, you will see the option to do so in ReplyManager.

How Often Will My ReplyManager Resolution Center be Updated? 
ReplyManager connects directly with eBay’s Resolution Center API to send and receive updates in real-time. As such, cases will be automatically updated between screen refreshes.

How Does the View Screen Work in the Resolution Center? 
Resolution Center cases are organized in ReplyManager by creation date, the oldest first. Arrow selectors in any column are used to sort the current page only. When the page is reloaded, they revert back to the original sort setting (oldest first).  Pull-down drop boxes at the top of the page remain as the default view and each user can set their own. Users will find an additional sort button to sort those items on the page from Oldest to Newest (and vice versa). If there are more than 200 items, a page selection will appear on the screen

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