Thursday, October 1, 2015

Best Seller Tools to Boost Holiday Sales

Sometimes boosting your sales performance isn’t simply a case of increasing the amount of calls you make, or ramping up your PPC game; there are multiple things you can do to help increase sales, and they can come from unlikely places. Here are some tools you can use to give your sales performance the extra push it needs.

Veeqo is a multi channel order and inventory management software which also offers shipping and point of sale solutions. If you sell on more than one sales channel it’s essential that your orders and inventory are consistent across those channels, otherwise you’ll end up overselling and disappointing your customers - and disappointed customers don’t come back. Keeping your customers satisfied will massively increase the chance of them repurchasing and boosting your sales.
Features include: Order management, inventory management, total shipping control, detailed reporting, and point of sale for brick and mortar stores.

Similarweb gives you in-depth traffic and engagement stats for any website, so you can see how popular it is, get information on its main sources of traffic which bring users to the site, average time users spend on the site, ranking info, top referring sites, paid keywords, related mobile apps, and more. Similarweb can be used to thoroughly research competitors, find out what PPC campaigns they are running, where they’re getting their backlinks from, how they rank compared to you, the top 10 referring sites, how long it takes for users to leave their site, which country they’re most popular in, and so on.

Moz offers some top-notch search engine optimization software. Using this tool will give you access to keyword metrics, on-page recommendations, link building opportunities, online mentions of your brand, and more. Moz offers Pro software (which is available under 4 different price plans), as well as a number of free tools.

Streamlining as much of the sales process as possible can help your team stay lean and efficient, and increase their number of sales leads generated. DemoChimp is a sales solution that makes a powerful sales impact by automating sales and marketing conversations and then measuring them. Features include: Automated custom demos to deliver a custom video demo; demolytics that help discover who’s involved and what’s important to each member of the buying committee, before you talk; and smart leads that convert leads based on educated, qualified, and ready to talk specifics.

Mailchimp is an outbound email marketing tool that is incredibly easy to use. It has vast databases of design templates that actually look like custom emails and their feature set can be as simple or as complex as a seller wants. Features include: subscriber profiles, automation and personalization, send time optimization, smart targeting, Twitter tailored audiences, advanced analytics and flexible design options. Plus it integrates with hundreds of apps, including Shopify and Magento.

Finch offers services to optimize Adwords for ecommerce companies by tracking the profit for each keyword and using this information to buy the most profitable clicks at the best prices,  changing the focus from conversion to profit. Plus, their programmatic advertising models help expand market size and re-structure data based on performance.

While there are hundreds of different softwares out there that can help boost your sales, these 5 should give you a head start, and you should see your performance start to improve.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator