Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crafting E-Commerce Copy Like a Pro

According to research, 98% of e-commerce copy (ex: product descriptions, calls to action, etc.) has a direct impact on website conversions, but crafting the perfect message takes time and finesse. Let's face it - we're not all copywriters, so how can you create copy that sells?

To PropelAd, writing quality copy for your e-commerce site begins with understanding your customers as well as you do your products - a skill that most business owners have.

Here are a few strategies to create powerful messages and copy that sells (using customer insight alone):

  • Become Your Customer. Create a persona and start thinking like your customers to better target your message. 
  • Mirror Their Language. Use expressions and tones that your customers use in conversation. 
  • Want Action? Use Action. Be direct in telling your customer what you want him or her to do - use strong and specific action verbs. 
  • Consider Their Time. Use clear and concise website copy to quickly grab the attention of the visitor. 
  • Let Them Imagine. Make the consumer imagine how your product would make him or her feel. 
  • Sell it to Them Straight. Be honest and transparent about the quality and success of your product. Display customer reviews and don't make promises you can't keep. 
  • Don't Lose Them Now. Review your product pages to be sure there are no barriers to buying. Include answers to any questions regarding purchase - shipping, policies, delivery charges, etc. to avoid shopping cart abandonment. 

For a detailed look at these strategies, take a look at the PropelAd blog, "Sell It With Words: 7 Tips for Creating Effective eCommerce Copy."

by Samantha Warner
Marketing Extraordinaire