Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ReplyManager Expands Multi-Channel Support With Version 6

We're pleased to announce the release of ReplyManager Version 6, offering new integrations and enhanced features to help online sellers communicate more efficiently.

We've expanded our multi-channel support to include integrations with eBay's Resolution Center and the ChannelAdvisor platform, as well as administrative features such as optimized auto-responders and staff productivity reporting.

Here's a quick look at what's included in Version 6 (click on pictures to view details):

eBay Resolution Center Integration 

The eBay Resolution Center integration allows users to view and respond to existing eBay cases directly from the ReplyManager application.

PLUS, users are able to organize cases with Category Tags and respond quickly with Standard Replies. These features are unique to ReplyManager and help sellers resolve cases more efficiently.

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ChannelAdvisor Integration - Order and Inventory Search 

ReplyManager is now available with ChannelAdvisor integration, allowing mutual customers to search and track ChannelAdvisor order data from within ReplyManager.

The search pulls data using the sender's eBay ID or email address (including anonymous addresses from Amazon) and displays results in ReplyManager. No need to open a different window unless you need to dig deeper. Users are also able to search ChannelAdvisor inventory from eBay messages (only). 

Simplified and Expanded Rule Conditions

Version 6 has simplified the process of creating rules and auto-responders. With a streamlined user interface, including a Calendar Pull-Down and Time Slider, users need fewer conditions and keystrokes. Plus, negative conditions have been extended to all.

With Version 6, users can instruct the program to send auto-responders over a precise date range and time. For example, if your vacation begins at 5pm on Friday, December 19 and ends on Monday, January 5 at 9am, you only need ONE condition!

Report: Average Handle Time by User 

This user report highlights the time between when an email is first opened (status changes from Unread > Open) until an event takes place (ex: a reply is sent, a note is added, or a message is "closed"). This is especially helpful when monitoring staff productivity. 

Ability to Change the Subject Line of a Message Thread (for Optimal Viewing and Organization)

By default, the subject line that appears in the folder view would remain the same as the first message in the thread. With Version 6, users can change this subject line manually to reflect the most recent email activity.

Case-Sensitive User Passwords

For additional security, ReplyManager user passwords are now Case-Sensitive. When creating/updating passwords in ReplyManager, be sure to use both capital and lowercase letters.

To reset your password, contact your account super administrator.

Added Support for Common Outgoing SMTP Servers

Version 6 includes implicit SMTP support for the following domains: gmail.com, aol.com, yahoo.com, yahoo.co.uk, hotmail.com, hotmail.co.uk, live.com, outlook.com and qq.com.

When a folder is setup to reply from a certain domain (gmail, hotmail, etc.), the system will, by default, use the credentials associated with the incoming mail account to send a reply (ex: the reply will be sent through Gmail’s server rather than ReplyManager). This helps authenticate replies to customers without having to setup an explicit SMTP server.

Added Support for Calibri Font by the HTML Editor

Calibri, a popular typeface for the web, is now supported by ReplyManager’s HTML Editor. Calibri recently replaced Times New Roman and Arial as the default typeface in many popular programs like Word, Excel, Outlook and WordPad.

Improved Efficiency in Recycle Area

Version 6 includes an update to the software that makes the recycle area more efficient when processing large volumes of messages.