Thursday, August 20, 2015

3 Tips to Improve Sales with Persuasive eCommerce

Persuasive eCommerce is the strategy etailers employ to attract and convince customers to make a purchase. Many eTailers use obvious graphical methods to get customers to spend their money, such as prominent positioning and sharp graphics (high contrast  and high quality images), but may not make use of psychological tactics.

Psychological tactics are designed to help buyers overcome possible skepticisms they may have while subconsciously convincing them that the purchase will fulfil their needs. Many customers put off completing a purchase in the belief that the item will be available at a later date, or with the belief that the item itself looks too good to be true. These three strategies should be fairly simple for any seller to implement.

  1. Scarcity. Many customers may be hesitant to complete a purchase, putting it off for a later time. Scarcity tactics help convince them to complete the sale by having them perceive the item as being in short supply. To use scarcity, make sure customers see “Only x remaining” number   by posting it in a prominent spot, typically next to the Add To Cart button. Another strategy would be to prominently display the time left on a limited time deal.

  1. Social validation. Many consumers reassure themselves by asking others for advice on their purchases. A simple way for a seller to use validation tactics is to post popular items prominently in listings (top sellers as well as top views). Posting customer testimonials is, of course, extremely helpful.

  1. Personal Affirmation. Everyone likes to be made to feel important. A seller can help satisfy the customer’s need for affirmation by giving them a VIP label. Customer rewards clubs are also an excellent way to make customers feel part of an exclusive club.

eCommerce Insider does a great job of highlighting a few easy to use psychological marketing tactics that work in the digital marketplace. Give “6 Mind Tricks That Could Help Persuade People to Buy More” a read. These strategies are easily implemented by even smaller sellers.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator