Thursday, August 13, 2015

4 Steps To Climb The Ranks and Grow Sales In Amazon

If you sell on Amazon, you might already know how important your keyword optimization is. Just as in traditional SEO, there is a method to Amazon’s rank madness, and there are specific actions you can take to improve your product ranking in Amazon.

The better (lower) you rank, the more organic traffic you will receive, and ultimately, the more sales you will make as a result.

Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic is the gift that keeps on giving. Once your listing is optimized, you just need to monitor your ranking, and adjust your efforts should there be any changes in Amazon’s algorithm. Otherwise, you can sit back, relax, and watch sales grow organically as your ranking improves.

The 4 key areas of Amazon Listing Optimization

1. The Product Title

Your products title is one of the most important parts of your listing. It’s the first thing your potential customers will see, and it heavily influences the Amazon search engine rankings.

These are the four main basics for your title:

A. Use your EXACT targeted keyword phrases in your title
B. Use your main keyphrase early on in your title
C. Use LOTS of supporting secondary keywords (size/brand/color/etc)
D. Improve your click through rate by making your title extra compelling

Your two goals here are to catch the attention of the Amazon users, and to optimize your listing for as many keywords as possible. The more keywords you target, the more keywords you can rank for.

2. The Bullets

The bullets show up just below your title in your Amazon listing, and they are the next thing your potential customer will see after the title.

The basics of the bullets
A. Use all 5 of the bullet point areas. These are front and center on your product listing.

B. Use capital letters for the first few “main” words of each bullet point to emphasize your
most important selling features.

C. Repeat all variations of your keyword phrases in a natural way. Include relevant
supporting keywords that a user might type into the Amazon search bar.

D. Try and sell extra products using bulk discounts on the 5th bullet point to
significantly increase your profit per sale.

3. The Images

Cliches are cliches for a reason - because there is often substantial truth in them. A picture is worth a thousand words is not to be ignored when it comes to your Amazon listing. If you want to stand a chance against your competitors, you need to get their attention and grab their interest with images.

The Three Basics Of Images:
A. Use all available image spots. The Amazon search engine loves images
B. Your main images should be at least 1000x1000 to enable zooming.
C. Invest in high quality, compelling images.

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4. The Reviews

Reviews are crucial to your Amazon success. They highly influence the Amazon search algorithm, and more importantly, they build trust for potential customers. On Amazon if you don’t have reviews, it’s like you don’t even exist.

Here’s three key ways to nail your reviews
A. Make sure your product has plenty of great reviews. Start with at least 15 5-star
reviews for easy niches, and much more for more competitive spaces.

B. Use a review club to get early traction for your products. They can connect you with authentic and eager Amazon reviewers looking to try out your product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

C. Respond to bad reviews immediately. Do whatever it takes to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. Studies have shown that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. You may lose the battle, but you will win the war by putting the customer first.

While there is more to perfecting your keyword optimization and growing your ranks in Amazon, these four things are going to give you the best return on investment of your time. Follow these best practices and watch your organic traffic increase and your sales grow.

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Christian Martin