Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ReplyManager Launches eBay Return & Cancellation Processing

ReplyManager is pleased to announce the addition of the eBay After-Sale integration allowing eBay sellers to process returns and cancellations directly from within ReplyManager Version 6.5. Now, in addition to managing messages on multiple channels, sellers in the US, UK and Germany will be able to perform all of their customer support needs without having to login into eBay at all.

“The ability to process returns from ReplyManager was one of our biggest feature requests and has been very well received by customers already involved in the testing process,” said Jodi Gaines Pereira, CEO and Co-founder. The After-Sale integration comes on the heels of the new eBay Seller standards that were announced during eBay’s 20th Anniversary party. Starting in February 2016, the maximum defect rate for Top Rated Sellers will drop to .5%. Although buyer feedback, DSR’s, successful returns and other resolved issues will no longer impact a defect rate, Top Rated Sellers will be required to accept 30-day returns and process them quickly. “We see some really positive changes coming out of the recent announcement,” Ms. Pereira continued. “But it will be more important than ever before to handle Returns and Cancellations in a timely manner. That’s why we’ve pushed so hard to make this available to sellers now.”

Why not just login to eBay? For sellers also selling on other channels, the ability to consolidate customer service across multiple channels is key. No need to login into multiple platforms to answer messages or respond to cancellation or return requests. But even if sellers sell on eBay only, there are many benefits to using ReplyManager, including:

  • No need to share their eBay ID with staff. Everyone has their own username and password
  • Resolution Center and After-Sale "extras" such as customized standard reply templates and category tags for better organization
  • Automatically sorted and tagged messages based on specific, customized criteria
  • Auto-responders to enhance customer communication
  • Detailed reporting for productivity

In addition to the After-Sale integration, version 6.5 includes the ability to add Notes to cases in the Resolution Center. The new version will be immediately available to new customers and rolled out to existing customers between September 16th and 23rd.

ReplyManager also has plans to enable Amazon and eBay order searches from within messages to make researching order status, shipping status, etc. easier than ever. A similar feature is already available via ChannelAdvisor and Linnworks integrations, but this new Order Search feature will be available to anyone selling on Amazon and eBay. The feature is scheduled for release in October 2015.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator