Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Increase Valentine’s Day Sales

The National Retail Federation reported that Valentine’s Day sales amounted to $17.3 Billion last year. You don’t need to completely alter your stock to be able to join in on the Valentine’s Day selling. Get creative. Do you sell anything that’s red or pink? Anything with hearts, or the word Love in the title? You may already have profit boosters in your inventory!

The eBay for Business Blog recently published an article focused on tips to join in on the Valentine’s selling. Although the article is centered on eBay selling, it should be fairly simple to use most of these tips on other online marketplaces. We’ve found three of these to be the most applicable to multiple marketplaces.

  1. Edit Key Listings. Take those red things, or heart covered things we talked about earlier in your inventory, and rework the listing titles. Also, any items that could be given as gifts, such as perfume, cologne, or even sunglasses.

  1. Start a Valentine’s Day Collection. Once you’ve found your inventory items, and re-worked the listings, create a Valentine’s Day collection in your store. Make it easy to find your Valentine’s Day goodies!

  1. Avoid “cutesy” graphics in your listings. We all know that the people are shopping from a variety of devices. Make it easy for everyone to be able to view your listings by keeping the Valentine’s Day images to a minimum. Keep those screens clutter free to better view your items.

Take some time to look at the article “Five Ways to Get More Valentine’s Day Sales Action on eBay”. To drive your sales throughout the year, be creative with your marketing efforts. And keep in mind, the same principles listed can be easily adapted to many different holidays throughout the year. Don’t forget, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!