Thursday, January 22, 2015

Email Marketing v. Social Media Marketing

Oftentimes, new technologies and techniques distract and confuse us from what works and what we are actually trying to accomplish. Recently, marketers have been debating the merits of email marketing versus social media marketing, and if one is better than the other.

Although the Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing debate is valid, it's important to remember that comparing the two doesn't mean you should choose one or the other - they’re each unique and serve different markets and purposes. The important question to ask is which will work best for my business or whether they would perform better together. Forrester Research estimates that email marketing spending will increase to $2.5 Billion by 2016 and even though email social media spending was at it’s peak, email marketing volume was up 18% in 2012.

It’s smart business to spread risk as much as possible. Take a look at a recent infographic created by webmag which compares the effectiveness of email marketing against social media marketing in different areas. It concludes that it is wise to not abandon your email marketing efforts, but to enhance them with social media marketing techniques. Two key points made are:

  • Use a Soft Pitch with Social Media. Social media marketing is indirect, and more entertaining in design. This is to more effectively grab facebook user attention, most of which are there primarily to be entertained and to socialize. Facebook users prefer to stay on Facebook.

  • Direct Approach Works Best with Email Marketing.  The messages you send are with the intent to share information about a product or service to already interested customers. Spending in 2012 increased by 60%, which resulted in a 4000% return on investment. Email has been shown to convert better.

In Internet marketing, constant evolution of the environment is the norm. To keep up your ability to communicate effectively with your customers, it is important that you adopt the different ways in which they like to communicate - connect with your tribe, as Seth Godin would likely tell you.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator