Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Support Staff Leads to Great Customer Service Success

Your customer service staff is the lifeline to communications with your actual customers. While you may have a marketing plan designed to send your message to customers, your customer service staff are in actual, customer-initiated communications, many times with customers that may not be very happy.

Empowering your customer service  staff  with the right knowledge and tools helps them to seamlessly do their job. Customers don’t want to be put on lengthy telephone holds, or stare at a chat window  while your support staff checks with a supervisor or management in order to make something happen. What needs to happen to empower your staff?

  • Encourage independent decision making, remembering to consider customers, the team, and your business.
  • Promote creative thinking
  • Keep staff well trained and informed
  • Do timely performance reviews

And most importantly, be generous with your praise.

Visit the Small Business Administration’s Blog for some great tips on how to keep employees happy and performing well: “7 Ways to Lead and Empower Your Team – Because Satisfied Employees Make for Happy Customers”.

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator