Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment

You’re doing all of the right things to reduce cart abandonment - good design and navigation, easy checkout - but buyers continue to abandon their shopping cart. You’re not alone.. According to eCommerce personalization experts Barilliance, during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend of 2014, there was a shopping cart abandonment rate of 65%. With the 2015 holiday prep that is going on for many etailers (and we hope you are one of them) this is a very real concern.

Even though shoppers are not visiting your store in person, a bit of “shopping psychology” goes a long way to close sales. Brick and mortar stores may place end-cap displays on shopping aisles and add merchandise to the check-lane to increase sales. Ecommerce sellers need to fight the many distractions that take the attention of shoppers; social media, other merchants, cat videos. They need to send visual queues to online shoppers encouraging them to complete the sale.

Here are a few helpful tips designed to reduce cart abandonment:

  1. Position and color. Use active cart notifiers that are placed in a prominent position on the page, in high contrast colors (dark background with light colored font and shopping cart). Make it easy for the customer to see the shopping cart without much search.

  1. Expanding view. Add a dropdown arrow to the shopping cart notifier that expands the shopping cart to show what is in it, and a call to action button that guides shoppers to the check-out page.

  1. Total amount. It’s useful to display the amount that is currently in the shopping cart in the active cart notifier, especially when running dollar amount deals.

There is a lot you can do to reduce cart abandonment. Business to Community’s recently published “Reduce Cart Abandonment with Simple Visual Tweaks” is a must read just in time for your holiday prep. It’s a great guide for etailers to create a comprehensive cart abandonment reduction strategy.

Barbara Anderson

Marketing Coordinator