Thursday, August 6, 2015

6 Reasons Why Price Manager is a Must for Amazon Sellers

How does a seller retain visibility so the customer can find them while selling their products at a profit and not having to manually reprice their items every time there is a price fluctuation? Introducing XSellco Price Manager. Price Manager allows Amazon sellers to automate all their pricing to keep themselves competitive against other sellers. It provides sellers the competitive edge of real time repricing with minimal effort.

Price Manager has several key features that set it apart from other repricing software:

  • Net Margin Repricing. Price Manager uses a combination of net margin rules and profitability analytics to reprice your products in real time. Not only does its insightful analytics keep an eye on prices and change them accordingly, but it has the ability to keep competing based on the seller's instructions. The goal is not only for the seller to win the coveted Buy Box, but to simultaneously maximize profits.

  • Buy Box Predictor. This gives sellers an idea of which products are likely to win the Buy Box, and which they need to optimize further.

  • Multiple Amazon Accounts. Users are able to link multiple Amazon accounts in the price.No additional costs to include global marketplaces!

  • Used Items. Ability to reprice used items.

  • Full Currency Conversions. The software automatically converts costs between multiple currencies when setting up products.

  • Prices Products Up and Down. Instead of always running prices downwards, if the system senses that it can win the Buy Box for a higher price, it will price you upwards so you are winning the Buy Box at the highest possible price.

Not only is XSellco an official Amazon Web Services partner, but they are plugged directly into their API. At the Plus and Ultimate levels, this insightful ecommerce tool is capable of instant repricing updates. In fact, XSellco currently reprices over 1 million products every hour. This is what gives Price Manager its quick responsiveness to price fluctuations.  

XSellco offers a Free 14 Day trial for Price Manager, with no credit card information being exchanged. If you’re a busy Amazon seller, we highly recommend you give Price Manager a try. It is sure to keep you on the right track towards profitability, while freeing up valuable time. ReplyManager customers are eligible for a 50% PriceManager Plus for the first 6 months. Click here for details!

Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator