Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Tips to Generate More Revenue from Adwords Holiday Campaigns

The seasons are changing and we are heading into the holiday shopping season, are you ready for the busiest time of year?  Finch knows that this time of the year companies are putting final touches to their marketing plans for Q4.  You are making your list and checking it twice in order to beat out your competition and gaining more sales from your marketing efforts.  We want to help you make sure what you have in place is what will make 2015 a year to remember.

Here are a few suggestions that will help jumpstart your AdWords campaign generate more revenue this holiday season.
Keyword Coverage
If you look at your keyword bank, it should represent your market opportunity. This should show you what revenue you might be leaving on the table for your competitors.  The more complete your keyword bank, the less likely you are losing sales to the competition.
There are two ways to ensure you are having complete coverage on the products and services you are offering: 1) connecting to your product catalog and 2) inserting search terms that have had conversions. These two ways will minimize the risk it takes to increase your keyword coverage in a short amount of time.
Google Shopping Campaigns
Google is continuing to update and change their shopping ads.  While the change doesn’t make the experience for the end users different, it does give different tools to the advertisers to drive performance using data.   You need to make sure your campaigns are utilizing the changes that have been made in Google Shopping campaigns and that you are taking advantage of them.
Bidding for Profit, Not Clicks
Most companies that are advertising online have different revenue and profit for each product they are selling.  Each keyword contributes to this revenue and profit differently.  When you look at your online advertising account in terms of profit, you will start to see how you can generate more profit depending on which keywords are bringing in the traffic to your website.  You must utilize the profit data for individual keywords and set your bids to maximize your profit.  Do not be the company that simply sets bids based on the average generated by a larger group of keywords.
Take a look into your AdWords campaigns and see if you have implemented these factors to make your Q4 unforgettable.  Finch manages AdWords campaigns for advertisers with the purpose of growing revenues and optimizing for profit in a SaaS+ model. SaaS+ combines the effectiveness of our software with the experience of our team to deliver predictable, scalable and time-efficient results from your Google AdWords budgets. Contact Finch for a deep analysis on your AdWords. Happy Holidays!

Bjorn Espenes, Co-Founder, CEO of Finch