Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amazon Sales On the Rise Going Into Holidays

ChannelAdvisor recently published an article highlighting Amazon’s amazing 3rd Quarter results. The platform experienced its second straight quarter of growth, actually exceeding their $24.9 Billion forecast of expected revenue at $25.4 Billion. Much of that growth is due to their robust 3rd party seller market.

According to ChannelAdvisor, the 3rd party market grew 20% faster than Amazon. Some great numbers to note include:

  • Active Users: The number of users has grown by 14% since Q2- up from 285 million to 294 million.
  • % Items Sold: 46% of the items sold on the platform were from 3rd party sellers.
  • Category Growth: Electronics and General Merchandise sales grew 35%, taking 79% of revenue in the US market and 70% in the international market.

Amazon attributes much of their growth to the Prime Day promotion they ran in July. With the coming Holiday promotions, it is likely that the company will see another record breaking quarter. Amazon’s 3rd party sellers are in a great place going into the 2015 Holiday selling season. ChannelAdvisor predicts that Amazon may see a $75 Billion 4th quarter.

Take a look at ChannelAdvisor’s article “Kerchow! Amazon’s Q3 Results Setup for Strong Holiday 15- Seller Oriented Deep Dive”. It shares some great numbers and insights on the health of Amazon’s marketplace. We certainly hope that the trend continues!

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Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator