Thursday, December 10, 2015

3 Tips to Combat Ad Blockage for Mobile Commerce

The numbers say it all. 79% of internet users own a smartphone. Demandware says smartphones are responsible for 94% of the increase in digital commerce traffic, 74% increase in basket creation, and 47% increase in order growth. Mobile commerce is driving a significant amount of ecommerce boost.

Now for the challenge: ad blocking usage is also increasing. The GlobalWebIndex reported that by the end of Q2 2015, 25% of internet users will employ ad-blocking software. The best way for etail sellers to combat ad blocking is by creating value for the consumer with ad formatting. Here are three easy ways sellers can increase conversion rates:

  1. Non-Disruptive: Use ad formatting that does not interfere with screen load time and data usage. Also, keep in mind the smartphone screen size in mind when designing ads. No one likes to have their browsing disrupted by an obnoxiously large ad that is not “thumb friendly”.  

  1. Personalization: Create ads that are more relevant to the interests of the user with content based on data collected from search and transaction history. According to MarketingCharts, consumers engage more with personalized ads.

  1. Social: If a business is not on social, it is truly missing out. Social media allows advertisers to better target ads to users that are more likely to be interested in the message. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have easy to use audience building tools that help make the process much less time consuming.

Hubspot reports that there has been an increase of 267% in ad blocking use since 2013. It is highly likely that the numbers will continue to go up. Unless an enterprise has the money to pay the ad blockers to “whitelist” them and allow content to be shown, ads will have to be created thoughtfully in order to attempt to get around ad blockers, but try to stem the tide of the increasing numbers of ad blocker users.


Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator