Thursday, October 15, 2015

Using Notes in ReplyManager to Communicate Internally

Customers aren’t the only ones eTailers need to communicate with, however. Much of the business of simply “being in business” deals with communicating internally. To help with this process, ReplyManager offers an Internal Notes feature within each email thread so you can communicate between staff without sending a message to the customer and everything is kept within the same thread.

This is great for escalating customer support issues to specific staff members, documenting when a customer calls, or asking internal questions while helping the customer. The best part is, no set up is necessary to use it. Simply click in a message, click on the “Add Note” button, and type.

You can even set a reminder for the message to pop up on a certain date by clicking on the calendar icon under the “Add and Close” button. Simply select the correct date, and click “Add”. When the date of the reminder comes, the message will pop up as a red “unread” message in ReplyManager.


Barbara Anderson
Marketing Coordinator